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Who We Are

Mukul Foundation is a Child & Tribal Care NGO in India

Mukul is dedicated to uplift the educational condition of the poor people, women and children of rural & Tribal areas of West Bengal.

We are working on field of coaching to deliver quality education to the rural and tribal students. We are developing the small entrepreneurship and women tribe self-help groups to enhance woman empowerment in the tribal and rural area of the district of Malda, West Bengal. We are working to provide basic health-care support to the needy people from the local areas. Our mission and vision are to make rural and tribal lifestyle healthier and more sustainable by providing all the possible supports and Improved lifestyle.

It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.

– Mother Teresa


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Chairman Message

Smt. Sunanda Mukherjee

Chairman, Mukul Foundation & formerly Chairperson, Women Commission for State (Govt. of West Bengal).

It is our proud privilege to enlighten you that in the sleepy rural hamlet of Begoonbari in the district of Malda, West Bengal, an organization named “MUKUL” incorporated under the provisions of W. B. Societies Registration Act has been rendering their dedicated service for ameliorating the socio-economic conditions of “Santhal Community”, an indigenous, ethnic group of that locality. Based on empirical survey data, it was necessitated that imparting elementary value-laden education to the offspring of the Santhal Community, is the prime concern. To meet the lofty objectives, since 2010, a bamboo thatched tin shed structure was erected for imparting elementary education. With the active assistance of public-spirited distinguished individuals, MUKUL has been able to extend due care to the deserving children of the Santhal Community.

You would also be glad to know that MUKUL has been endeavoring to provide nutritious food, chlorinated water, and health care to the children who need care and protection.

Yet, you would be astonished to note that severe cyclone Amphan has completely ravaged our tin shed structure which was repaired recently.

Having considered the need of the hour, we have proposed to erect an R.C.C. structure for establishing a permanent infrastructure over establishing a permanent infrastructure over there to render our continuous service to the vulnerable tribal community.

To promote this noble cause to humanity, we implore before your kind self to extend financial assistance for paving the way for sustainable development of an ethnic community of India. Jai Hind.

Our Vision

We work with the local administration and government for the sustainable development of the poor women in an educational way. We take care of those students who are lagging behind due to their poor family condition. Our core vision is to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle for the tribal people from local area. We are focusing on the medicinal plat cultivation program in the coming days with the help of local tribal people and government to create a new way of living with suitable earnings.

Our Motto

  • Coaching for quality education
  • Develop small entrepreneurship and women schedule tribe self-help groups
  • The charity works caring sustainability

Our Mission

We at Mukul Foundation always trying to help needy people around the Malda district. Our core focus is to create a better lifestyle of the tribals from the district. We ensure continuous educational benefits for each child, help them to learn the basic things in the educational world. We help the poor and needy students of all communities for prosecution of their studies.